Sistema Educativo Escula San Isidro Labrador, Costa Rica

February 7, 2012

Please enjoy this wonderful slide show!

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My third, one day, two hour workshop in Costa Rica had to be organized, powerful and fast! The previous afternoon workshops with GMCR better prepared me.  I had fine tuned more efficient teaching techniques. I did have one adult assistance  from the school,  Monika Rojas (English teacher) but mostly children assistants. I decided to focus only on the painting exercise but to leave enough room at the end for a quick demonstration on how to use our artwork to cover recycled containers, the children had collected. The students were so cooperative and I felt my Spanglish was improving at this point.

Two meals were served to me,  desayuno y almuerzo (breakfast and lunch). Both were wonderful! The staff at San Isidro Labrador were very accommodating and I greatly appreciated their warmth. After this workshop Monika, the English teacher and I bonded quickly! She took me around to see historic locations and her favorite coffee and pastry shop. Later she delivered me to San Jose where my next host would take me to Sarchi.  The friendships I am making are so valuable to me. I only wish I could spend more time living and teaching in their communities.

Interesting Fact: Each time I work with children in Central America I feel how closely related they are to our children in North America. More than 50% of the Latin culture now lives in the United States. We are neighbors and I feel strengthening our cross-cultural relationships will be helpful for future generations. The more we are open to cross cultural sharing and embrace change, the more barriers for all of us brake down.

See you next time in Sarchi, Costa Rica where Raquel takes me to her community!

Sincerely, Kristina Applegate

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