(2011-2012) Workshops, Coffee & Food Security (Artificial Ponds)

Visit the sub-pages to enjoy the whole three week journey in Costa Rica! Workshops,Visiting Coffee Fincas, & Food Security

A note from Kristina Applegate, Program Director: 

“Our 2012 Cross Cultural Sharing workshops in Costa Rica, with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (GMCR) Employees and Partners of the Americas-Sister Schools was a huge success!  I was a bit nervous to take on a four day, two hour workshop in Oregon’s rural  Bienestar Housing Community School  in Hillsboro and five school locations in three weeks in Costa Rica. The warmth and support of Costa Rican’s  and Oregonians opening their homes, hearts and time volunteering with me made it an absolutely wonderful experience! The GMCR employee team who volunteered in Costa Rica 2-3 hours with kids for two days was amazing! Employees brought extra art supplies and donated GMCR lap top computers and I brought over 60 Highlight, Lady Bug and National Geographic Magazines. In the rural coffee communities often books and computers are scarce. From the youth to the adults everyone had a wonderful time and I sometimes wondered if the adults were having the most fun!

My passion to share the arts cross culturally through technology, and  environmental exploration has finally come together in a powerful way! I have been invited to join Winston Rost again on the next employee trip to Costa Rica. I am already thinking about what I learned and how I can make it even better for everyone. GMCR Employees who have never been to Latin America or maybe even out of the country bonded very quickly with the children living in the coffee communities, through painting, working together and playing out doors. I am still smiling when I remember the faces of adults and children so happy to be playing together despite a language barrier. It was magical for me to watch this all play out!

I am posting shorter blogs of my three week journey because there is so much to share.  The laughter, wonderment, exploring, sharing and hugs from the children and adults truly makes this a dream job!

Please join me and take a short brake while visiting beautiful Costa Rica, its people and our cross cultural sharing!

A SPECIAL THANKS TO: Winston Rost, Farmer Relations Manager who funded my trip expenses and the program expenses for the entire three weeks, the GMCR Trip Volunteers for their amazing support,  Lorena Frias, Sister School President in Costa Rica for her endless hours of coordinating and volunteering her time to make this all possible and all the Costa Rican Sister School Teacher Volunteers, for taking me into their homes, schools and transporting me around Costa Rica! I could not have made this a success without the incredible support I received.

Thank you everyone and I look forward to working and playing with you in 2013! Abrazos, Kristina Applegate

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