5 thoughts on “Community Center: Naranjo & San Ramon

  1. Great Experience!!!!
    Well done Kristina, Keep doing that, give smile who need it!!!!!! well done, im so proud of you, i really do.

    • Thank you Juan, your support means a lot to me! You would have loved working with the kids. I am grateful for all your support the past two years. I could not have done this without you. 🙂

  2. It was very encouraging to read about all your kind work your doing for those kids from a community of Nicaragua!. I, as a nicaraguan woman appreciate all this for our better future, the Kids!

    • Thank you Isabel! My hope is to return someday so that I may continue my work. I am developing my blog reporter skills in order to expand on the cross cultural sharing. Take care, Kristina

    • Muchas Gracias Isabel! Quiero regresar y trabajo con los ninos(chicos) pronto, pero necesito ayuda para regresar. Abrazos, Kristina

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