2 thoughts on “Escuela Peters in San Juan de Sarchi

  1. wow my lil bro goes to that school the info u guys have in this website nd the pics r great thanks for thing in lil towns like san juan, u guys have made a great job next time u guys come i could take u to my school in grecias, it a cool high school cuase half of the day we recive normale calles nd the other half u we do a sport lik voolyball, bascetball, or i my case swim
    maria jose gonzalez cubero
    ps my brother saides that next tiime talk him a pic hahahaha lol great job!!!!!!!!!

    • Dear Maria,
      Thank you so much for your excitement about the program. I am glad to be able to share our time here. I love your brothers little school and plan on returning next winter. Abrazos, Kristina

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