Kids Share Site Investigation

Dear Friends,

It is with great excitement to share with you my upcoming site investigation for the  2012 Kids Share Program. I will be departing September, 25 from Vermont to Portland. Partners of the Americas has purchased my ticket to train volunteers the Kids Share program which will start in February, 2012. Please visit the community I will be teaching at, Bienestar Migrant CommunityDon Ruff, chapter president will be hosting me and Marilyn McDonald will be facilitating with the training.

Four days later I will be flying to San Jose, Costa Rica from Portland. Lorena Frias, president of Sister Communities and member of Partners of the Americas, will be hosting me for seven days. Our itinerary will take us to several different schools, an indigenous community and meetings with Partners of the Americas-Costa Rica chapter. We will also have a special meeting with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters source buying manager in San Jose, to discuss how we can collaborate a Kids Share program with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters- Source Employees from Vermont. My last week will be flexible so that I may explore a bit of Costa Rica and learn more about its people.

If you are interested in following me, I will be posting news of my site investigation here. I am personally very excited to meet new folks and work on the best possible locations and programing for Kids Share Workshops-Costa Rica & Oregon (2012)!

Stay tuned!

Kristina Applegate Lutes-Founder & Program Director

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